Getting Psyched!

The van is ready the rope and shoes are packed and psych is building! The time has come it’s only 3 days until I leave for my three and a half week summer adventure. Psyched isn’t even the word for it!!! On the current agenda is Berdorf in Luxembourg, the southern Frankenjura, the IFSC boulder world championships, Arco Italy and the Arco Rock Master event. How this has all managed to line up and work out is something of a mere miracle! I cannot wait for it to start.

Over the past few days I have been toiling my way though the guide books picking out sectors and routes that look like the ones to go for. This trip I am outrageously keen to get on my first 8a and try to get it ticked before the trip is finish. As you know from my last post the past year has had many ups and down, injuries and the likes so it has been hard to stick of a consistent training program. Though thankfully I do feel as though I have still be getting stronger and hopefully the goal isn’t completely out of reach!

A sacrifice to the weather gods is probably needed though as we all know it never rains on climbing trips so we should be fine anyway…… Apart from the natural climbing I am keen to check out the Cafe Kraft gym near Nuremberg and the Tivoli gym in Innsbruck. If possible I will try and keep this updated as the trip continues but this really depends on the availability of the WIFI. Definitely a trip or two to some coffee shops as we all know coffee and climbing are a perfect match!

Anyway i better get back to the guidebooks…..



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