Climb Skin, VauxComp and Spain Psych

Lets start with Spain. So its less than 3 days till I will be in Costa Blanca and to say I am excited is a gross understatement, but one question still hangs over my head have I trained enough? Have I trained too hard? Have I over done it?

Over the past week I’ve been finishing off my last week of intense training before this week which is a gentle week to aid recovery before the big trip but still keep climbing motions fresh in my mind. I feel strong and I feel like the endurance training has been paying off seeing psychical gains on the circuit board, but this week I have been feeling super tired and drained with no power in my muscles. Over trained? Lets hope not and it is just my muscles recovering from the torture I put them through over the past few months.

Goals for Spain? Well as before in the summer trip I really want to get my first 8a done. I feel stronger and fitter than in summer so it is really going to come down to the mental game this time I feel and whether I find a route that I like and am psyched to really put some time into. What with working two jobs I haven’t had time to peruse the guide books yet and pick out something to go at, I am just going to wait till I get there and see what looks amazing and takes my fancy. A little risky? Possibly but it should add to the fun! Bring on the climbing, sun, chorizo and coffee!!!

Last week was the second VauxComp which I attended. I was psyched to be working for this one running around taking photographs for the event. I felt like this set of photos came out really really well, it was quite a hard location to shoot in with not a huge amount of space and extra angles to be had. I feel pretty happy with my results. Have a look at the album below on the VauxWall Facebook page. If you get a chance to get to one of these events make sure you do as they are awesome and you get free pizza to!!!

VauxComp Photos

While at the VauxComp I managed to grab a moment to chat to Pat Saunders from Dark Adventures about the Climb Skin products. I am super excited to start being supported by them and use their products and I can only see improvements in skin from here. Especially useful as I put a split in one of my finger just two days later on the Castle training board. Thankfully it is healing nicely now thanks to the daily doses of Climb Skin. If you get a chance check out their products and have a look at their site.

Now get me to Spain!!!!!

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