Blokfest Westway

The previous weekend was the first round of the awesome Blokfest event and i was so psyched to compete. Initially i had a little scare on the Wednesday before. In a standard training session i started getting shooting pains in my left shoulder. Not again i thought, not another bl**dy injury!!! Luckily after two days of rest and icing the pain had gone. Probably just over worked and not injured. Phew thank god for that!!!

Anyway onto the event. I approached the organisers before the event to ask if i could take some photos of the final blocks as it wasn’t like i was going to get into the final as GB standard people would be more than likely turning up. Though i came closer than i thought!!! I ended up in joint 15th place and if i hadn’t made a silly mistake one of the blocs i could have been even higher up. A result i am more than happy with. A few things i did learn form the event though is that i really need to work on my slopper strength. There was one bloc that i really should have done but i just got too powered out fighting with a giant slopper to be able to hold onto the higher crimps. Annoying but something easy to work on that i am psyched to get better at! It was also awesome to meet up with Michelle and Caroline again from Serious Climbing and catch up with what they had been doing.

The final was held with the top 5 men and women from the senior category. They completed in a world cup format over 3 blocs. The atmosphere was awesome, lights down low and pumping beats from the DJ. It would have been awesome to be in. That said i was more than happy to have an excellent view from the top of the wall and be able to get some great photos. Shown below are a couple with the link to the full album after. Anyway stoked to get involved in the next round on 15th November at Boulder Brighton. Bring it on!!!




Blockfest Westway Flickr album

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