Blokfest TCA Bristol

On Saturday just past, 17th January, it was the 4th round of the Blokfest series and this time it was at TCA in Bristol. This was an excellent excuse to get out of the capital and compete in the competition.

Improvement but alas still no 8a….

For the last week I have been in Costa Blanca, Spain, climbing. I have been training really hard over the past few months for this trip to see if I could make some visible improvements from my trip in summer.

Climb Skin, VauxComp and Spain Psych

Lets start with Spain. So its less than 3 days till I will be in Costa Blanca and to say I am excited is a gross understatement, but one question still hangs over my head have I trained enough? Have

Blokfest Boulder Brighton

The weekend just past was the second round of the Blokfest series and this time it was at Boulder Brighton surprisingly down in Brighton. I managed to get a lift down the the event with the mega strong Louis Parkinson.

Blokfest Westway

The previous weekend was the first round of the awesome Blokfest event and i was so psyched to compete. Initially i had a little scare on the Wednesday before. In a standard training session i started getting shooting pains in

Sick, a road trip!!!

So this is a little late but better late then never eh? It’s been a hectic last few week since i returned from Europe which means i haven’t had time to get my thoughts down on paper (or screen now).

Getting Psyched!

The van is ready the rope and shoes are packed and psych is building! The time has come it’s only 3 days until I leave for my three and a half week summer adventure. Psyched isn’t even the word for

Ups and downs of the past year….

So this is my new blog about all things climbing related in my life……. The last year has been a tough one for me. It has been my final year of university and it has been plagued by injuries!!! This