All change…

Over the past six months life has be rather hectic. I’ve been completing an internship in London as a start to my professional career. Internships are notoriously under paid and this isn’t helped by the outrageous expense of living in London. I was fortunate that mine was actually paid as a lot are not. This has meant that I have had to work two jobs and be super careful with my money just to get by. Admittedly the second job was at VauxWall climbing centre. It is awesome and provided a nice change to being in the office all day, but this combined with training on the days when not working in the evenings will eventually wear any person out and that is how I feel right now. Burnt out!!!

At the back of my mind for the last few months has been the niggling issue of what I am going to do after my internship ends. It is just not financially viable to live in London without a consistent wage and I was mindful that I would just burn through a lot of my spare cash renting in London hoping a job would turn up. The decision to leave or stay was a tricky one. Luckily I have managed get a new job in the area I want to work and in an amazing place in the world. London is fun and I’ve met so many awesome people here, there is so much going on you can find something new and exciting to do everyday of the week, but it’s just too expensive and the lack of the country side / mountains just means it really isn’t the place for me! It has shown me how much a love climbing an being in the outdoors and how much I miss it living here something I was keen to get back when starting a new job. The new job means another HUGE change in life again but these are super exciting along with me super scary! I am going to be moving out to Chamonix in France towards the end of May to start my new job and new life. I feel super fortunate that I have managed to find a job doing what I want to do in a place in the world that I want to live and am so excited for it to start along with being pretty scared as it’s a huge change. In the mean time I have a rather large list of things that need sorting out before the big move. It almost seems endless but I’m sure I’ve given myself enough time to sort it all out…… hopefully!

So what do the next few months hold? Well there is going to be a lot of sorting out of stuff ready for the big move but I also hope that I can managed to get a trip away somewhere for a week or two. Maybe Fontainebleau or Spain I’m not sure yet. Some sunshine and a break would be nice. Guess I better dig out those skis and learn how to wield and ice axe as well, but most of all i am super excited about going!!!


  1. V-man

    Well done dude! I am super psyched for you. Gaz and I will be in Chamonix in July, after Friedrichshafen. It would be nice top catch up. We will be climbing ‘The Digital Crack’ Look it up. It’s an 8A climb at 3800m altitude. 2 pitches. 1st 6B second 8A.

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