Blokfest Mile End

It’s been a little while since my last post and I’ve been training hard again. As I said last time I have started a new training plan to focus on strength in my shoulders and back as this is currently where I really struggle. Unfortunately after my first week of the new plan I managed to injury my back but luckily a weekend off plus a week of light climbing managed to fix it. Or so I thought………

Unfortunately the niggle is still there though I am finding if I warm up sufficiently it is ok and I can still climb and try hard which is good but it just takes more time! This means training sessions now have a 5:45am start three days a week to ensure that I have enough time to warm up and get the session done properly! Slightly crazy but I’m kind of enjoying it in a slightly sadistic way. Anyway I’ve now managed two weeks of the plan and am feeling good.

On to what else has been going on. This Saturday, 5th November, saw the first round of the Blokfest comp series. This has always been a great event and one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed! This time it didn’t quite go to plan though…… I got there around 10:30 to give enough to chat to sponsors hand out some pip and nut nut butter to the junior competitors and make sure I had sufficient time to warm my back up. I started my 30 minutes warm up well in advance of the start time of 13:30 and felt good when the time came to start but this is where it all went downhill for me. This was the biggest Blokfest ever with the most competitors which meant lots of queues and it was bloody artic inside Mile end. Every time I got to a new problem there was a 10/15 minutes wait before I could get on. This meant that I got cold very quickly possibly not helped by the chilly temps and my lack of insulation. All in all this meant I couldn’t pull hard as my back was hurting. In the end I ran completely out of time and didn’t manage to finish the blocs as I had to keep stopping and going for another 15 minute warm up to get ready for the next problem. Rather frustrating! Not really sure how | can change this next time as it’s always going to be busy but we’ll have to see. Fingers crossed the back is fully better by then and less warming up is needed! I’m looking forward to the next round in December at Boulder Brighton. Here is a few little pics and videos from the event.

What else has been going on? Well i’ve been carrying on with my training plan to work on strength. This has meant getting up at 5:45am every morning to make sure i have enough time at the wall to complete the exercises with sufficient rest in-between. People seem to think this is crazy but i find as long as i am in bed by 10pm each night and get a solid 8 hours of sleep i can manage to sustainably do this. Plus is also means when you get to work you feel like you’ve already done something awesome with your day. Something i absolutely love. Also with the weather getting colder porridge season is upon us!!! YESSS!!! I’ve seriously got back into my porridge recently. Its amazing post training fuel covered in Pip and Nut nut butter, seeds, nuts and honey. I can’t emphasise enough how tasty all the Pip and Nut products are but if you were to pick one definitely try the coconut almond butter. It’s sublime and also amazing on top of avocado!!!!! Go on treat yourself and try it out plus it’s completely natural!!!

Anyway onwards and strong wards hopefully, just need to get the next outside trip booked in to get some sunshine and warmth in my life. Fingers cross after xmas i can get something in if work allows 🙂