So it’s been a fair old while since i last posted anything and wow so much has changed in life!! As you know from my previous posts i’ve just recently moved out to Chamonix in France for a new job. What an amazing few weeks i’ve had getting involved in the local scene.

I have managed to get out every weekend so far and visit new local and exiting crags and get suitably psyched. There are so many strong local climbers who want to get out on the rock it’s awesome. Just talking to them about the areas around Chamonix in the Vallée de L’Arve, Giffrw Rise Foron and the Aosta in Italy makes me excited to get out and climb. In the last few weeks i haven’t managed to get any photos due to only going out with one or two people and concentrating on the climbing but this past weekend a crew of us went out to some local boulders, on Saturday, just up the valley which are being developed and i managed to grab a few pics. There is so much potential for new problems it’s amazing and i am super excited to get into developing and finding new problems. A new experience that i haven’t had the chance to get involved with yet. Anyway check out the pics below from the day.






On the Sunday another crew of us set off through the Mont Blanc tunnel to the Aosta in Italy. What greeted me was amazing. Great coffee (and only €1), amazing gelato, epic calzones and fantastic climbing. We went to a crag called Gare Est. It was a lovely 20m very slightly overhanging wall with crimpy crack climbing. The weather was tres bon maybe a little warm at mid day but a lovely place to climb. The crag only had one route above 7b, an 8a jamming crack that i wasn’t psyched for, but all the 7a’s and the 7b were very very good. A good milage day. I am super psyched to get back across the border and visit some of the Aosta’s more overhanging and technical crags and find a good project to work on. It’s a great option when the weather in the Chamonix valley is bad as it appears to have a completely different climate which is usually good if it’s raining in Chamonix. Ideal really!!! Apart from that now that i’ve settled into work i’m going to try and get out in the evenings to some local sectors and boulders and hopefully start developing some new boulder problems. Check back soon for updates and stay psyched!!!