Reflection and looking forward

It has been a pretty crazy last few months what with job changes and moving back to my parents to get stuff ready for the big move to Chamonix France. Training has definitely taken a back seat a little as it’s hard to find huge motivation when you have no projects on the go, trips coming up and lots of other stuff to sort out! Added to this bring the nearest climbing gym to my parents house being a 45 minutes drive away. I feel it has been a good break though but it has shown me some very important things and let me get back in touch with other things I used to enjoy!

Number one London broke me, well mainly my legs and waist line! Being super busy working two jobs and climbing the amount I did appeared to have burnt off all my leg muscle. When at my parents I was keen to get back out trail running and wow was it hard. My legs just had no power or fitness, I think all the weight I lost living in London must have come from my legs! Luckily 3 weeks of running is starting to sort it out and I can now enjoy a morning 4 mile run before breakfast again which is awesome. The couple of times I have visited the climbing gym I haven’t found that the extra leg muscle has affected my climbing at all. The time off has also given me a chance to regain psych for my move to France and get excited about the climbing out there. It is going to be amazing living so close to many amazing routes on real rock with loads of super psyched people! That said I’m also super excited to keep up the running and maintain a more even level of general body fitness.

Number two. You need food and I like food a lot! In London I had very little space and time to cook so often I just would forego meals. Living back in a proper house I’ve remembered how much I love cooking and making tasty food. I now have so much more energy than I did in London, something I didn’t really notice while I was there. Not eating good meals must have limited the gains I got from my training significantly. From this point on maintaining a good balanced diet in line with my training is a must if I going to make gain / survive ;). Having my own apartment in Chamonix and the plethora of tasty produce on offer in the French super magnets should definitely help with this!

Anyway just a little update but I’m excited to see how life is going to change over the next month or two moving to France and excited to get out to the mountains and onto some real rock! Keep a look out on Instagram @duncanbottrill for updates. Warning they may make you jealous!!!