Rab Superbloc Competition

The weekend just past was the Rab Superbloc Competition at the Telegraph Outdoor show. The competition saw the top UK competitions boulders battling it out over semi’s in the morning and finals in the afternoon. The second day was filled with the Arch Superbloc Open competition which was open to all the public to enter. I was lucky enough to be able to get down to this event and photograph the whole thing.

The semi finals saw 20 men and 20 women compete over 4 blocs in a world cup style format to decide who would make it through to the finals in the afternoon. Myself and Liam Lonsdale split the photographing to ensure that we captured all competitors. I stuck to the mens side of the comp. Their problems were extremely tough only seeing 3 tops in total. This may have been down to the super warm conditions which certainly made holding those slopers much harder. That said it did split the field and separate out 6 men to take through to the finals.

The finals were an awesome spectacle. Super exciting problems with lots of tops and all of the competitors getting close. This was added to by the crowd that really got behind all of the athletes. Watching the action through the lens did mean that I missed out on certain things that were happening on the problem I wasn’t focusing on but this didn’t really matter. I could tell what was happening from the crowds reactions!! Shauna Coxsey and Dave Barrens took home to title in fantastic style, a super impressive display getting me super psyched to compete in more competitions!!! Below are a couple of shots from the finals and a link to the full set of finals images. Watch this space for the semi final set!






Rab Superbloc Finals Photo Set

Lastly on the Sunday the Arch Superbloc open competition took place. This was open to the general public and was held all day. It was great to see the wall busy all day with people trying out new and existing problems from the finals the pervious day. Jack Beanland took home the win flashing all of the problems. An amazing effort. Keep you eyes peeled for the album for this appearing very soon.

Anyway what’s next? Well in a couple of weekends time there is the final round of the Blokfest series and then the CWIF the weekend after which I am super psyched to compete and and photograph. Bring it on!!!