Blokfest TCA Bristol

On Saturday just past, 17th January, it was the 4th round of the Blokfest series and this time it was at TCA in Bristol. This was an excellent excuse to get out of the capital and compete in the competition. As with previous time I wasn’t just going down to the event to compete but also to hopefully capture some awesome photographs.

So to the competition. I got the train down to Bristol that morning from London, I had to work at VauxWall the night before, and was feeling pretty tired. Seven days of training plus five days at work two of which were 14 hour days probably isn’t the best preparation for a competition…. That said once I got to TCA Bristol the atmosphere was awesome and I soon started to wake up. This was probably helped by the amazing coffee that they served in their cafe. I managed to get there early enough to have a good catch up with Pat from Dark Ventures, Liam from Marmot, Alex form DMM and Gaz Parry. It was sweet to catch up after the christmas break.

As soon as the clock hit one o’clock I was ready and raring to go for the competition. I’d had a a good chance to have a look around the blocs and thought they all looked really doable. Psych was high!!! The comp started well for me managing to flash a lot of the problems and I was feeling strong, unfortunately though this didn’t last. I managed to pop off two easy problems once, loosing myself some easy points. I also came off another 2 multiple times but after some rest and food managed to complete them. In the end there was only three blocs that I couldn’t do but I only ended up with a score of 196 due to the dropped blocs. Not the final result I was looking for, 220 was qualification for finals, but definitely reasonable considering training and work and a positive as it showed I can climb the blocs just need to focus more on flashing them!!!

As per usual the finals were great. An amazing atmosphere created by all the people who stuck around to watch. I was running around the mat with my camera trying to capture the moment the best I could. I feel this this may be the best set of photos I’ve produced so far, I’m really happy with them! Some of the photos from the event and a link to the full album can be seen below.

So what is next? Well I’m currently looking forwards to the next Blokfest event in early March and also looking forwards to going to the SuperBloc masters at the Outdoor show in February. Hopefully the atmosphere there will be as good as the Blokfest finals if not better!!! As for real rock? Well I’m dying to get back out, hopefully abroad, but currently I have no plans as I need to work out where I am going to be permanently based after my internship finishes in March. Maybe a weekend trip away if I can persuade someone with a car in London to go somewhere. We’ll see! In the mean time back to training and getting stronger, I’m also psyched to check out The Arch’s new wall Building One this weekend. I’ve heard good things!!!

Lastly a quick thanks to all the people who are supporting me. Dark Ventures, Serious Climbing, Mad Rock, Nihil Clothing, and Climb Skin, I’m looking forward to working with them in the upcoming year!

Blokfest TCA Bristol Full Album