Blokfest Boulder Brighton

The weekend just past was the second round of the Blokfest series and this time it was at Boulder Brighton surprisingly down in Brighton. I managed to get a lift down the the event with the mega strong Louis Parkinson. It was awesome to get out of London for the first time in 6 week and even better to be competing in another comp!

Upon arrival i was feeling psyched, this was helped by the amazing coffee that i purchased from the Boulder Brighton cafe. I had a quick look around the blocs and they all look pretty damn cool. Climbing time!!!! I felt like the comp started well for me, i managed to flash what i felt were some of the trickier problems to flash but unfortunately i came unstuck on a few other blocs. I ended up dropping 3 blocs i should have flashed 1 time and another that i definitely had potential to flash (one move wonder) 3 times. This left me with a score of 192/250 not bad but could and should have done better. Disappointment aside this is world of comps and it’s not your day every day.

Aside from my result Louis managed to make it to the finals! I was psyched to see how he’d get on. This was added to by the fact i would be on top of the wall taking photos. Over the past couple of events i have developed a real passion for action sports (climbing at the moment) photography. I really enjoy trying to capture the moment, the feeling and the passion that people have for their sport. You can check out the album with my shots from the event using the link below.



I currently only shoot with one lens and really feel like i need to add to my collection to get some variety in my shots. On the list is super wide angle and a zoom lens. I better get saving those pennies!!!!

Overall though it was an awesome event and i am gutted to be missing the next round at The Castle, but this is because i will be climbing in Spain so not so bad really. Anyway i’ll leave you with a couple of my favourite shots from the event!